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10/10/20- today i have just started up my twiter account and will be posting stuff like videos and images of games, and i might follow you on it to, if you would like. I have also thought of new ideas for videos and things no need to get deep into that.

10/10/20- new videos are coming out there are two coming onto youtube then here then twitter.

10/10/20- massive update on scatboy website we are updating due to we have new stuff to show we are making scatboy into the dream it was dreamt to be by everyone.

24/10/20- Today, i am proud to announce that my merch shop will be opened when i have hit 100 subsribers. No need to think i will have tons ill only start off small and make my way up.

24/10/20- New videos are now coming out make sure to keep an eye out on my youtube channel (Sacatboy plays warface), my website (www.Scatboysworld.co.uk) andmy twitter (@Scatboysworld)

31/10/20- Today i am proud to announce that every season i will be doing stories or when i would want to do one so you will definitly see them round every season so if you like to go and check go over to the home page it will tell you more infomation.

14/11/20- Good day fellow views i just wanted to notify you that while in conflict in the world of warface and warfare you should never agree to be ‘LEFT BEHIND’ its never ok to do this on any sort of warfare.

22/11/20-Just have finished on doing one of my first warface history.


02/01/21-Happy new year everyone please spread the happyness.

02/01/21- I will start posting more new games as my channel grows